Live rent free

An exciting opportunity to help support a senior in exchange for free rent


Money tight?

Do you have debt and/or limited income? In exchange for free rent, you can become a RoomAide™. A RoomAide™ assists a senior by providing support and can earn money by providing additional services.

BECOME A RoomAide™

Get out of your

parents home

And Provide an Important Service to Someone Who Needs Help

Typical services that you can provide

Common services that your can provide.

  • Lawn Work

  • Laundry

  • Shopping

  • Transportation

BECOME A RoomAide™
  • FREE Rent

    Live for FREE and make some money by providing additional services.

  • Provide Care

    Care is completely transparent. All parties are repeatedly reviewed allowing you a thorough understanding of their past experience.

  • Create Magic

    Caring is more than a job. It's a blessing. Help us improve the care of seniors and make your life even more special.

  • Tim Richards
    28, Florida
    «I just completed grad school and had to start paying back my student loans. Unfortunatly my paycheck isn't as much as thought it would be. Being a RoomAide™ allowed me to save a fortune on rent. I need to be there ″just in case″ and walk the dog. When I go shopping or do the laudry, I do the senior's as well and make some spending money. I think it's a real win/win.»

You don't need to pay for rent.

You can live in a senior’s home.