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How it works

Stay in a caregiver's home, not a nursing home

How it works

Affordable care in your community

Get Help in Your Home, or, if you can't stay in your home, in a caregiver's home

  • Safe

    All parties must pass a background check for security purposes

  • Accountable

    Each user is reviewed at every encounter to ensure transparency and reviews are monitored by Room2Care to maintain the highest quality

  • Affordable Care

    Shared Living is far more affordable than home-care and Assisted Living Facilities

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If you need a safe place for a short time or for a long time, or if you need support in your home, we have the solution to your senior care needs for a small fraction of the costs of our competitors

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Have a RoomAide move into your spare bedroom

  • Shared household

    There's no need to be alone.

  • Domestic services

    The Assistance that You need is a click away

  • Healthcare Services

    Safe, Accountable, Affordable Care. Learn how we can provide you with the help you need for a fraction of the cost

  • Quality and monitoring

    All Parties undergo an extensive background check

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Earn Income by caring for someone in your home

You can rent the extra room in your home and provide care to a senior who needs some assistance

How it works
  • «Room2Care changed my life. I was no longer able to live completely on my own. I had no family to take me in. Room2Care found me a safe place where I get just enough help to keep me out of a nursing home.»

  • «I knew that I needed some help in my home, but I didn't have much money. A RoomAide moved into my spare bedroom and is there if I need help.»

  • «After college I was in debt and didn't feel welcome at home. Being a RoomAide changed things for me. I saved money and really grew as a person. A truly life changing experience.»

  • Jeffrey Todd, 82, Miami

  • Rona Martin, 76, Jacksonville

  • Claudia Marley, 21, NY

Get out of your parent's home

And Provide an Important Service to Someone Who Needs Help

How it works