How to choose a host


Choosing a host is an important task.  There are two components that you need to look at and both are important.


The lodgings:  Whether you are staying in a bedroom or a guest house, you need to assess if these quarters work for you.  Are there steps?  If so, can you handle them- ON YOUR BAD DAYS.  Can you get into and out of the sofa, bed, etc.  Can you use this bathroom?  If the issue is needing a support bar, talk to the host.  It may be a reasonable accommodation.  You should NEVER choose an accommodation where the space does not work with your limitations.


The host:  Not only are you looking for a place to live or stay, you are interviewing an important person.  This person will be looking after you.  Do you like her/him?  Do you communicate well?  Do their schedule work with your needs.  If your biggest issue is needing help getting ready in the morning, then you need someone who is free in the morning.  Be honest about your needs and communicate them.  Both you and the host are looking for a mutually beneficial situation.  

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