Make money by caring

for someone in your home

You can rent the extra room in your home and provide care to a senior who needs some assistance


You'll improve a senior's life and your own

Most caregiving doesn't require special skills; it requires caring. If you have space in your home and space in your heart, with our help you can be a great caregiver. We will find you someone who needs the level of care that you can provide to help them maintain their independence.

We Will Help You Market Your Home and Your Services to Seniors.


Honestly assess your home

Improve two lives.

What you can find here?

These are the most common services our caregivers provide

  • Trust & Safety

  • Support

  • Secure Payments

  • Manage Care Requests

  • Share room

    You have an extra room that you are not using--use it to earn extra money by renting it to a senior!

  • Provide Care

    Care is completely transparent. All parties are repeatedly reviewed allowing you a thorough understanding of their past experience.

  • Create Magic

    Caring is more than a job. It's a blessing. Help us improve the care of seniors and make your life even more special.

  • Marie Pierre
    34, Miami
    «I cared for my days have more meaning. I'm not a nurse, but Room2Care gave me the opportunity to be a caregiver in my home. I'm making enough money now to pay my bills and my days have meaning.»

Open your home. Open your heart.

The caregiver journey begins here.