Most caregiving doesn't require special skills; it requires caring. If you have space in your home and space in your heart, with our help you can be a great caregiver. We will find you someone who needs the level of care that you can provide to help them maintain their independence.

Become a Host


  • Honestly assess your home

    Do you have space for another person?
  • Assess your schedule

    Do you have time?
  • Assess yourself

    Are there things that you can or cannot do? Like helping someone get dressed or using the bathroom.

List space

1. Describe your home.

The room you have available for rent, common areas, and bathroom. Be honest.

2. Describe yourself.

3. Take photographs.

If you are unsure about something, contact us and we will help guide you.


5. Decide pricing

4. Choose dates whatever you feel comfortable with (short-term/long-term)



When you are contacted, arrange a meeting.


Assess whether or not you can meet this individual's needs.


If you are not comfortable, don't move forward. Complete an honest review. Contact us if you have any serious concerns.


Reach an arrangement and begin caring.


  • - A person who has some needs will be moving in.
  • - Use the resources we provide to arrange for a back-up caregiver, and make use of the care calendar to help keep your guest organized.
  • - Make money and add meaning to your life.