Most people need just a little bit of help: someone to check on them daily, help them get to appointments, stay organized, and remind them to take their medications.

Find Care



Be honest. Long-term (indefinite) or short-term (vacation for you or for usual caregivers).

  • Do you need:

  • - 24 Hour Attention?
  • - Help Getting Dressed?
  • - Meal Preparation?
  • - Pill Box Organization?

Search for what you need

After you decide what services you need, enter the geographical area where you are interested in living.

Look to see if the host is available when you will need assistance and can provide care.



1. Visit the home

2. Meet the caregiver

3. Have your questions answered

6. Review the property and the host

5. will support you throughout the process

4. Agree on pricing


  • - A person who has some needs will be moving in.
  • - Use the resources we provide to arrange for a back-up caregiver, and make use of the care calendar to help keep your guest organized.
  • - Make money and add meaning to your life.